When I reflect on my life, my purpose, I am confronted with the fact that every aspect of it has been, and is, my choice.  For better or for worse, whether I consciously made them or not.  All of the joy and personal power, all of the struggles we battle, are a direct result of what we focus our intention on.  Our mind is our garden, manifest into our physical life through our thoughts, words and actions.

Every aspect of humanity is in all of us in the form of a seed.  Each full of potential of it’s unique design and characteristics, waiting for a breath of life.  We are what we allow ourselves to become, fruit, flowers and weeds.  Just as I am not the only wave cresting on the ocean of consciousness, my garden is not the only one in the great forrest of life.  Each of us are but a infinitesimally small part of a sum of the greater whole, a cell in a being much larger than ourselves.  Therefore, it is meaningless to divide ourselves, create borders, and put up fences, only to tend to ourselves.  The only way to exist is to coexist.  To water someone else’s seeds with our intention and love, is to water ourselves.

As I began my journey into understanding, it became apparent to me that my purpose is to plant seeds, seeds of inspiration, of acceptance, joy and peace.  This is the launch of TheSeedProject.  It starts here, with my enrollment into a personal development program that empowers individuals with the tools, skills, and deeper sense of understanding/awareness, as well as providing mentorship, to help co-create their paths, to achieve maximum potential in realizing their dreams…

Plant your virtual seed and help us grow by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “TheSeedProject

  1. This is beautiful and what I believe life is about. Aaron you have always been a guide book for me in which I have been awakened with and continue to grow and learn. I love your journey and cherish our journey as I am one with the forest as well. I can not wait to see how amazing this is:) thank you brother from the depths of my being, being on the brink of awake knowing we are limitless is a wonderful feeling full of love.


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