The Real You

What are you pretending not to know?  Who is the person behind the mask? Do you hide behind a stone wall, do we wear a meaningless smiles?  How much of the power of our self do we give away when we consciously or unconsciously don’t connect with ourself and our surroundings?  The real you is an ocean of depth, love and joy; amazing, wild and free, interacting with the unfathomable universe. So how do we find ourselves living merely as a shadow on the water?  By saying it is so, by not sharing or trusting ourself and defining  ourself in scarcity mentality… There was a time that I found myself feeling as shallow as a reflection on a puddle, desperate to LIVE, but bound by fear, judgment and lack of self worth.  Be the real you, live passionately, chase your dreams and stay true to the immense power and presence of your authentic self. Then wave goodbye to that reflection that isn’t your true self, and never look back!


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