My Goal is my Purpose

The Fire WithinA few months ago I had a realization that started off as a surprised acknowledgment, and welled up inside me, circling around in my head, sinking into the base on my heart.  I am 32, have the family that I dream about, the career that I set out for, the health I strive for, the house I worked hard on.  I also had no goals.  I had accomplished all the milestones I had dreamed of as a young man, and then, unwittingly, slid into the recliner and hit cruise control.

Not saying that the moments between that point and now we’re lived falling short of their potential or squandered, on the contrary, some of the more refined experiences and growth have began in these last 5 years.  But yet something unmistakable was absent from my life.  The lack of clear goals, of a purpose, or my reason for being kept me in the passenger seat of life, excited about where life would take me, but never sure what I would see out the window, because I was just along for the ride.

This came as a shock to me, because I thought I was so active, so proactive in striving to be the best person I could be; I even had a cool little constitution that served as my contract with the person I committed myself to being.   And yet, I was missing the bigger picture. I had laid infrastructure, paved roads, ran lines for power and pipes for waste, and created the very “kingdom” of my life that I wanted, and right after that I built a glass dome.  I drew my vision and what my role was in it down on the transparency, but never thought to turn on the light.

If your not moving foreword you’re moving back; forces of nature are never at rest, life is either in the process of growing or eroding.  I choose to take a stand for growing, and for being the change I want to see in the world; love, acceptance, joy and empowerment. I chose to be present for life, to appreciate it’s detail, to acknowledge it’s significance and to be open to it’s lessons.  I am a man on a mission: to share my passion for nature and life, to be a source of positivity and to have my goals be my purpose…

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