Choose who you are

Atlal DayBreakAhhh, this is my favorite time of day. The fresh cool air holds the scent of desert chaparral and brings back childhood feelings of days when we still experienced the world in wonder.  The birds are greeting the day with music, as the rabbits scurry about winding down the last of their errands before heading off to bed. The dawn, eternally chasing dusk, breaks through the dark dashing away all remnants of the past cycle, like a slate being wiped clean.

In moments like these in quiet that I have moments of stillness, and am reminded of the importance of choosing our being and setting our intention.  All too often we are woken abruptly, and our day starts out with a whirlwind of rushing about. The day is filled with a grip of “have to’s” as we run on autopilot, with a clenched jaw or some other subconscious nuance. We ride the emotional roller coaster living in reaction, and at the end of the day all we are left with is an exhaustion that robs us of the motivation to connect.

What if we could have it another way, or better yet, ANY OTHER way?  How would our day be different if we woke up and told ourselves that we are amazing, honest, that we are worthy of what we want in life?  Would that change our endless list of “have to’s”, into opportunities of “get to’s”, moments we enjoy and thrive in all aspects of our life?  Why would we not choose to be the best version of ourselves, to not constantly compare others with judgement, to not take everything personal giving everyone the benefit of doubt; and why would we not choose to stay balanced in joy and peace, and not be swayed the external storm?

As the sunrise warms my face, my heart swells with something inside of me that is connected to everything outside of me.   In actively being happy, a bridge to a lake of tranquility inside me appears; in committing to be a source of love for all, judgement disappears and concepts like “enemy” vanish.  When I commit to having every thought, word and action selfless, the majority of all interactions and decisions become easy and natural, because there is no agenda, no concept of “win/lose”.  When I choose to be present and not lost in my head role playing, recollecting or anticipating, the moments with my children are timeless.

I invite you right here and now, to imagine the best version of yourself. How do you WANT to be (?), honest, respectable, lovable, a pillar for your circle of friends and family?  How do you want your relationships to be,  a fat savings account or an overdrawn notice?  Do you WANT to be happy and peaceful, bursting at the seams with what you have to offer life?  Is there any actual thing that can stop you from making these agreements with yourself?  Is the anything you are allowing to stop you, if so, why?  Is it worth it?  A tool was once given to me, to use when faced with an obstacle that I could allow to rob me of the peaceful, joyful person I want to be; I ask myself “will this matter at my funeral”?  Does what bugs you, offends you, challenges or saddens you REALLY matter in the grand scheme of your life?

If not, choose to let it go, and in doing so, be a better version of yourself. We are in the great river of life.   There are major obstacles in this river, boulders, fallen trees and sometimes even dams are on our path, and yes, we will encounter them.  But it is how we choose to be in those moments and every other moment that defines who we are, and how we live our life.  I’d like to challenge you, to upon waking up each morning, pause for just a brief moment of your day, and decide that you will be the person you were just imagining.

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