Waiting for Permission

Take a minute in front of the mirror.  Look into your eyes and smile without moving your face at first, then curl up the corners of your lips.  Slowly lift  your cheeks till you’re beaming.  Smiling this big feels great and grows into smirking at yourself, then laughter.  Does doing this feel like you’re looking goofy?  It’s ok, you have permission.

Sometimes I feel like I’m at the starting line, crouched and poised like a spring, waiting for an opportunity, looking for my moment.  I wait hunkered down, as if there is a starting gun, a perfect moment, someone yelling GO! Sometimes I find myself realizing that that moment has passed, or I watch it pass, because I failed to initiate action.   What was I waiting for? Permission?

Each one of us has an idea of who we are in the world, and our role in it, no matter how big or small. We have dreams of the life we want to live, the person we want to be, but how often do we peruse?  Status quo is one of the biggest reasons we don’t; “I know what happens here, this is routine”.  Outside status quo, life’s decisions can be perceived as “risk”, be it standing up, declaring or perusing.

So we wait for the thumbs up, the perfect blend of saftey, confidence and opportunity to be granted permission.      

The truth be told, not many times has life came along and given me permission to have the life I wanted.  It is only when we reclaim our authority and self empower that we get the permission we would otherwise be waiting for.   What are we waiting for?  That authority has been, and always will be within ourselves.  Sometimes we just need to get out of our own way…

BE amazing, BE beautiful, BE yourself


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