About Us

Aaron and Terri Rupp about to begin an 11.5 mile backpacking trip

A grand adventure begins here

Let me begin with telling you a little bit about ourselves; for those of you who know us, you know that we are consistently happy individuals.  We enjoy feeling great about life, about family, and especially about about sharing happy/positive moments with others.  We live to inspire ourselves to be who we have always had the ability to be. We aspire to CHOOSE AND BECOME THAT PERSON, in line with what we truly want in life.  Sometimes it doesn’t dawn on us that we can play life BIG. We CAN have an impact on the world, we CAN achieve that “crazy dream”, and we CAN follow our passion, all the way…  Our purpose is to raise the collective level of positivity in humanity, through spreading seeds of happiness, inspiration, joy, acceptance and peace on an individual level. What is an ocean, if not a multitude of individual drops?  This is where TheSeedProject comes in…
We started thinking about our philosophy, how we thrive on being a source of positive energy, spreading seeds.  TheSeedProject has multiple goals, long term, short term and everything in between. A current project is opening a gallery with some of my favorite scenes we have captured on high adventure in nature, blended with inspiring and positive poetry.  Our images are available on items from coffee/travel mugs, to calendars and canvases; all profits are funding scholarships for personal development.  We believe that self empowerment allows us to be inspired so heavily by the life we want, that we take action and achieve exactly that. From this foundation we can launch in ways “we never knew we never knew”.  We seize the opportunity to inspire  people to defy the definitions  they chain themselves to. TheSeedProject is a fusion center of multiple resources, networking and goodwill.  Community projects are possibilities, we are and will remain open to input from the seed project community. We are creating a community that embraces the inter connectivity of each other as well as the boundless potential in each of us; who knows maybe our long term goals include opening a community center or retreat where a wide variety of life enriching services would be offered. The sky is the limit.
We truly believe in both this cause, and in all of us to make this possible.  Please take a moment to consider what we are doing and where we’re going. Please take the next steps with us in joining TheSeedProject.net community, by sharing our info, browsing our gallery/store, and spreading the love… THIS is our time!!!

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